• Students are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful way towards the teacher and their family.
  • Be respectful of the teacher’s property and belongings and not take anything without the teacher’s permission.
  • Arrive on time for lessons
  • Adhere to the teacher’s house rules
  • Refrain from using mobile telephones and electronic devices during lesson times
  • Refrain from using offensive language
  • Do not smoke inside the teacher’s home –( ask where smoking is allowed outside some teacher’s have a designated smoking area)
  • On the first Tuesday or Wednesday of your course, we will call you from the Orchard Home Tuition office to check you have settled in with your teacher and family. Please use this opportunity to raise any concerns or questions with us
  • Students who behave inappropriately may be asked to leave their course and the teacher’s home.  Orchard Home Tuition reserves the right to terminate the course and expatriate the student at their own cost and without refund of fees.

Students aged 16-17:

  • Are allowed controlled independent time in the local area, following a full orientation of the area by the teacher, and must observe the 18.30hr curfew
  • Can use public transport by themselves if agreed by their parents, and if the teacher is satisfied the student is competent to do so
  • May be left alone in the teacher’s home for very short periods of time if the student is happy to be left home alone
  • All points above may be refused if the teacher is concerned about the student’s safety 

Students aged 14-15:

  • May not use public transport by themselves
  • Are required to be accompanied by the teacher or another adult member of their family at all times

Students aged 13 and under:

  • Are not allowed any unsupervised time out of the teacher’s home. Student’s are completely cocooned by the teacher and their family, for which an additional supplement is charged

Parents travelling as Accompanying Adults on a Young Learner course:

  • We kindly ask parents to leave the teaching area when lessons are taking place. Many parents use lesson time to have their own freedom and explore the local area
  • Speak English to your child and the teacher as much as possible during your stay
  • The parent is responsible for the child outside of lessons, and for entrance fees on any excursions provided by the teacher